yeah. be apocrita!

hi guys!
(yeah, I don't know who is this 'guys', but no problem, I like to say hi to everybody and everyTHING, hahaha)

actually, this is not my first blog. let me remember. uhm.. I have 3 blogs (how diligent is me haha).
but I want to be serious only on this blog. pray me. it's hard for me to be consistent hehe.

would you want to know, why do I choose apocrita for my title blog? ahahaha, good question!
but sorry, I will tell you that later (bad answer). it is 00.36 am and I have to take a bed now, so I won't miss to pray Shubuh :)

please wait the phylosophy of my blog, guys :)
bonne nuit (good night Fr.)


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